Top of the Hill Celtic FC

The Respect Project has helped our coaches grow in confidence and this in turn has helped our young people & community.

St Johnstown Cricket Club

We have built up a lot of confidence and open-mindedness within our club and this can only serve us well going forward.

Priorians Hockey Club

The Club prides itself as being open to all and now we feel more motivated to engage with all communities.

GAC Claudy

The RESPECT program challenged us to look at issues from a more objective perspective and recognise the need for new club policies.

Coleen McBrien, Project Co-ordinator

Throughout the entire Culture, Arts and Sports Programme we have introduced gentle initiatives to encourage a greater understanding of people’s own and others’ heritage and culture and in turn develop increased tolerance and respect for cultural diversity.

Clare Maguire, Youth First Leader

The group from Youth First all really enjoyed and benefitted from the cross community element of the programme. I hope the legacy of the project carries on and the young people continue to be more accepting of other cultures and views.

Philippa Brown, YALP Co-ordinator

This project has changed the young people from disaffected youths into the hard working, interesting, wonderful young adults they are now. It has created the leaders of the future. Without YALP the young people wouldn’t have met the friends they have now.

Katharina Heberger, YALP Participant

The YALP project has made me more confident in communication with others, and more aware of prejudice and discrimination that is present in society and has developed by leadership skills with younger people.

Aidan Campbell, Participan

It has opened my eyes to how the other side of the community see the peace process. t

Daniel Graham, Participant

I believe that with a progressing positive attitude towards each other as a group, we will be able to improve teamwork skills for the future.

Katie Ball, Volunteer

We need to inspire the younger generation to separate from the past that doesn’t belong to them.

Katie Ball, Volunteer

Throughout the programme, we encouraged younger generation to learn from and listen to the older generation, however I learned we must listen and learn from each other.

Becca Doherty, Volunteer

Without Headliners, I doubt I would have ever spoken to so many people in the Protestant community and it was my only real opportunity to mix – I’m glad I did!

Michele Menice, Programme Manager

The “Generations for Peace” project has engaged with over thirty schools across the North West region and it has been inspiring to see the level of professionalism, commitment and care with which the teachers and staff approach their vocation as educators.

Michele Menice, Programme Manager

Greater cultural awareness as an outcome of the Generations for Peace” project, should lead to attitudes being changed for the better; decreased prejudice, sectarianism and racism within the local community.

Cleiona Collins, Little Angels Day Care

We believe that this programme has greatly increased staff and parental awareness of cultural diversity and differences among children within our society and that these values can also be shared not only within our settings but also within the home environment.

Early Years Co-ordinator, SureStart Shantallow

Children learn how to express their needs and feelings, as Early Years Practitioners we need to demonstrate such behaviour and through the persona dolls we are giving children the ability and language to express how they feel. Children are now beginning to associate behaviour with feelings and acknowledge the feelings of other children.

Paul Anderson, CCB Project Officer

The training and project work being undertaken through the CCB programme has undoubtedly led to greater confidence and capacity building for the groups involved.